Creating a Culture of Wellness

SCA Wellness Works Employee Newsletter

Panarama Design developed Wellness Works as a vehicle to deliver the message that SCA cares about the health and wellbeing of their 2600+ US employees. Each issue features an employee wellness profile and regular columns on fitness and nutrition plus wellness tips for plant shift workers and traveling sales teams.

Column header graphics

Infographic for article on New Year's resolutions

Each year, SCA offers from 7 to 10 different health benefit plans to its union and salaried employees in its 8 US locations. Panarama Design is tasked with presenting all these options in a clean easy-to-understand format.  Along with design and  production of the Fall issue devoted to Open Enrollment, the At-A-Glance benefit  brochures, pricing sheets and required notices, Panarama Design is responsible for complete project management including coordinating with printer and mailhouse to ensure that each employee envelope contains the correct combination of these multiple pieces.